Where are all the DVDs and videos?

CSU Library has a large collection of DVDs and videos including documentaries, television series and films. These titles are very popular and are frequently on loan.

To find out what’s in the collection go to the Library catalogue (link on home page). Choose advanced search from the menu bar at the top of the catalogue page. Type the word DVD (or video) in one of the search boxes (select keywords from the options listed). Go down to the bottom of the page and choose DVD (or video) from the list of options for the Material type box. Click on Search.

Browse the list of DVDs or videos and choose the ones you want to borrow. If the DVD or video is on loan you can go in the queue by placing a request. The Library team will send you an email when the DVD or video is available.

Check http://www.csu.edu.au/division/library/catalogues/placerequests.htm for info on how to place a request.

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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, the Library will buy Brokeback Mountain. We also have Close range: Wyoming Stories by Annie Proulx which contains the short story Brokeback mountain – the inspiration for the film.

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