Scopus database – trial

CSU is participating in an extended trial of SCOPUS until December 2006. SCOPUS is Elsevier’s newly released indexing and abstracting database covering scientific, technical, medical and social sciences resources. The database includes abstracts from 1966- and cited references from 1996-. This database is of particular interest to researchers and higher degree students.

SCOPUS recently added a Citation Tracker to the database. The Citation Tracker enables:
*Finding the most highly cited articles or authors in a field and checking that author’s relevance *Finding and tracking hot topics in an unfamiliar subject area
*Checking the real-time citation data of articles and authors of interest
*Tracking cross-disciplinary connections to see which subject areas are cited by other subject areas *Identifying and evaluating research trends visually and fast
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Access to SCOPUS is available via the Library’s database page