Out of print: Gordon Bennett exhibition

OUT OF PRINT: GORDON BENNETT is the first extensive public exhibition of printed matter by the high-profile graduate of Queensland College of Art. It traces the artist’s move away from traditional and labour-intensive printmaking techniques into the digital realm of computer generated printing, and his various motivations for the move out of print, into the print-out.
Gordon Bennett is a major contemporary Australian artist, whose practice incorporates painting, print-media, video, performance, drawing, installation and more recently, sound, animation and music clips. The exhibition and publication are primarily a visual essay on the artist’s experience with print-media production between 1984-2004, and will serve as another significant resource on the artist and the medium.

OUT OF PRINT: GORDON BENNETT will be held at The Joyes Hall Gallery and the William Merrylees Library at CSU, Wagga campus from 5 April- 26 April.