Behind the news – Darfur

Darfur, located in southern Sudan, is once again in the news. 450,000 people have died during the last three years of civil war in Darfur. Peace talks have stalled and Sudan was yesterday declared ‘the world’s most failed state’.

Check these resouces for more info and background on this deadly conflict and humanitarian disaster.

Sudan Research, Analysis, and Advocacy – great site
War and faith in Sudan by Gabriel Meyer – CSU Library
Islam, sectarianism and politics in Sudan since the Mahdiya by Gabriel Warburg – CSU Library
Human Rights Watch – Darfur – web site
Me against my brother: at war in Somalia, Sudan, and Rwanda: a journalist reports from the battlefields of Africa by Scott Peterson – CSU Library
The state of Africa: a history of fifty years of independence by Martin Meredith – CSU Library
OxFam Australia – Darfur – web site
Factiva – database of the World’s newspapers – great source for the latest news on Darfur. Access via the Library’s database page.

Check the CSU Library catalogue for location details for listed books.