What a BONUS! Free access to thousands of books

CSU students and staff have free access to the Library collections of the UNSW, UTS and Newcastle University through a great service called BONUS. Each student and staff member now has access to hundreds of thousands of extra books through BONUS. BONUS is very easy to use. Just click on the BONUS logo in the Library catalogue to search the combined collections of CSU, UNSW, Newcastle and UTS. Books are delivered to your home campus for collection usually within a few working days. DE students – the Library will post or courier the books to you. When finished just return the books back to your home campus.
Here are some reasons to use BONUS:
1. All the copies of your textbook are out on loan. Check BONUS to see if a copy is available at one of the other three Libraries and request it.
2. You’re looking for a title by a particular author that is not held at CSU. Check BONUS – one of the other University Libraries may well have it.
3. You’ve looking for additional information for your assignment or research – try BONUS.

Don’t forget – BONUS is free!Information about BONUS is available at http://www.csu.edu.au/division/library/services/ill/bonus1.htm