Find e-journals – the easy way!

Find e-journal is the easy way to search for, and connect to e-journals (online) available through the CSU Library (approximately 12,000 of the Library’s 15,000 e-journal titles ). Use the Library catalogue to search for all of CSU’s journals (print and online).

Find e-journal is located on the Library home page in the section titled find journals located in the bottom right hand corner of the home page.

Click on the image to enlarge.

There are three search options – Titles, Category and Locate.

Use the Titles option to search for exact journal titles (eg Harvard Business Review), titles that contain particular words (eg all titles containing the word nursing) or if you can’t remember the complete title, titles that start with particular words (eg journal of academic…).

Use the Category option to search for journal titles in particular subject categories such as Environmental Sciences, Agriculture Sciences, or Social Sciences.

The third option Locate provides more specialised searching options such as by ISSN or vendor.

Click on the SFX icon (pictured opposite) in the results list (see example for Harvard Business Review below) to connect to the full text of the e-journal.

Ask Us if you need any help using Find e-journal.