Don’t forget the Library survey – 7 – 28 August

Australian University libraries survey their students and staff every two years. CSU Library’s last survey was in 2004 and CSU was rated highly in comparison to other Uni libraries, particularly in the areas of quality of Library staff and customer service – CSU was rated best in Australia.

In 2004 CSU students and staff told the Library team that we needed to:

  • improve computing and printing facilities – all computers were upgraded in 2006. Laptops are now available for loan. Wireless has been installed in all libraries and new printers purchased in 2005.
  • improve the Library collection and provide more items online – thousands of journal titles are now available online. The Library actively buys online copies of books and reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, standards, legislation). Students told us about areas of the collection that needed updating, and that they wanted more fiction and feature films – and we listened.
  • improve the ways we tell students and staff about new resources and services – we listened and now we have the Library blog, the Library Services forum, the Library Newsletter, the weekly New Titles listing and we regularly post to forums and What’s News.

The Library team is keen to hear what YOU think of the CSU Library!PS – Don’t forget to enter the draw for the MP3 player when you complete the Library survey.

2 thoughts

  1. I’m a CSU student in Canada. Am I eligible to do the survey and enter the competition?

  2. Yes, you are! The Library team are keen to hear from CSU students living overseas. The survey form will be available on the Library web site on 7 August. The last page of the survey is the entry form for the MP3 player. Good luck!

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