What’s happening in Israel and the Lebanon?

What is happening in Israel and the Lebanon?

Check these resources for information, personal perspectives and insights into the conflict.

This Ongoing war – Arnold and Frimet Roth’s blog (the Roth’s live in Israel – Arnold is originally from Australia. Their daughter was killed by a suicide bomber five years ago)
Lebanon blog – by Jamsheed Din, Islamic Relief (UK based charity)
Middle East blog – Shaista Aziz, Regional Media Coordinator for Oxfam
Check here for more blogs from the Lebanon.
Check here for more blogs from Israel.
The Middle East – United Nations web site on the current situation.
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, Harvard University – controversial working paper (see what you think)
My Israel question by Antony Loewenstein (Australian title – available CSU Library)
MidEast Web Gateway – non government Jewish/Arabic peace lobby Also check out YouTube for personal videos, clips and photographs on what’s happening in the Middle East. One of the visitors to the Library blog recommends ‘Lebanon – one more time’. Do a search in YouTube to acess this piece. (Note: YouTube is down for maintenance today.)

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  1. Thank you for this informative piece. Very interesting to read the blogs and articles on this and to try and gain a bit more understanding of the current situation.

  2. Why don’t you put something about YouTube on the blog? There’s a video called ‘Lebanon – one more time’ – shows what’s really happening in Lebanon.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added a link to YouTube to the post on the war in the Middle East and will do a separate post on YouTube next week – it’s great.

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