Library Survey – is it relevant for DE students?

Each University Library in Australia is surveyed every two years. All the Libraries use the same questions. This enables us to benchmark results across all of the Libraries and identify areas where a Library like CSU needs to improve in comparison to other Libraries. The questions in the survey are a mix covering services for patrons using the Library physically and/or virtually. Some of the questions (seating, printing, signage) may not be relevant to DE students. Simply ignore those.

The Library team do need to know what DE students think about the Library. Are our opening hours adequate for DE students? After all the Library team do answer DE ‘Ask Us’ questions and the 1800 phone whenever the Library is open. We need to know what you think of the Library’s resources (physical and virtual)? Do we need more online journals in your particular subject area? Do you think we should do more for DE disabled students? The speed that books are reshelved has an impact on how quickly items are sent to DE students? Are we good at telling DE students about new services and resources? What do DE students think of the Library web site? Should the Library do more for DE students located offshore?

The results of the survey will significantly contribute to the Library’s strategic planning for the next two years. The Library team look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Click on the image to link to the survey.