Why should I do the Library survey?

The Library survey gives you the opportunity to rate the Library’s performance against a number of statements. These include:

  • Library staff keep me informed about new services, resources and collections*Library web pages provide clear and useful information
  • Opening hours meet my needs
  • The library collection is adequate for my needs
  • Access to computers to support study / research is adequate
  • Off-campus access to electronic information resources & services is adequate

You can also tell the Library team how important these statements are to you. For example, you may rate ‘The Library collection is adequate for my needs’ as a 4 for performance but as a 7 for importance.
The comments section of the survey provide the opportunity to highlight particular issues not covered in the survey and to make suggestions for improved performance. You might think that the Libray does not have enough resources in your subject area or suggest that the Library provides a service that is not currently offered. This is your chance! The Library survey finishes on 28 August.
Don’t forget the enter the draw to win the MP3 player!