Ebscohost Access Issues

EBSCO Publishing released a new version of EBSCOhost last week. In addition, Ebsco Publishing added a new IP address range to facilitate redundancy and growth of the EBSCOhost service. EBSCOhost is served from multiple data centers in multiple locations.
Unfortunately, the new IP address range was not being routed by a major Internet Service Provider, which caused intermittent access problems for a small percentage of EBSCOhost customers. Ebsco have worked with the vendor and this issue has been resolved for most customers.
In addition, Ebsco expect to release an enhanced version of EBSCOhost that will address other issues that have been identified via individual customer feedback. This is the top priority for Ebsco’s technical development teams. Ebsco pride themselves on delivering the highest quality and most robust service in the industry and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this recent release of EBSCOhost.
Ebsco Publishing haven’t given an ETA for the fix, but have said it is a priority.
If you are still having access problems please contact the library Ask Us