Introducing CBCA Complete database

CBCA Complete (Canadian Business and Current Affairs) is a great Canadian database covering Canadian business, current affairs, education, science and medicine, arts, law, academia, and culture.

Source documents include academic, administrative, professional, topical journals, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters; over 540 periodicals and daily news sources ( over 480 of which are Canadian), plus indexing to an additional 1,100 other titles (over 95% Canadian). Full text is available for most of the titles indexed by CBCA Complete. There are 4.5 million records in CBCA Complete.

CBCA Complete is particularly useful for CSU students based in Canada but is also relevant for other CSU cohorts. Access CBCA Complete via the Library’s database page.

Contact Ask Us, the Library’s online help desk if you require any help using CBCA Complete.

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