New DVDs 4 – 10 September

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  1. This is soooo good to have new movies brought to our attention regularly. it’s a wonderful service, thanks!

  2. Hello Kaz,

    The majority of the Library’s DVDs are bought to support courses taught (cinema studies, communication, visual arts, theatre, health, education) at CSU. We also make a point of buying new Australian films when we can.

    The Library team do buy many ‘popular’ titles such as Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Walk the Line and Harry Potter. We welcome suggestions. Go to this link on the Library’s web to make a suggestion for new materials.

  3. more science fiction and fantasy films. Stuff like the Matrix, Galattica, Space 1999, Red Dwarf, old Dr Who, Harry Potter, 2001 space odyssey, Star Wars, etc.

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