Check out these websites – now in the CSU Library catalogue

Did you know that the Library team are always on the lookout for interesting websites that may be relevant for CSU students and staff? These sites, which are added to the Library catalogue, include online books, journals, multimedia, images and other goodies.

Here are three very different and interesting sites that have recently been added to the catalogue. To access these resources either search the CSU Library catalogue or click on the links below.

  • The Vincent Van Gogh Gallery – stunning site containing every drawing, painting and watercolour by Van Gogh
  • Loose Change – controversial online doco about 9/11 which provides a fascinating insight into the world of conspiracy theories about 9/11, and argues (based on pretty circumstantial and dubious ‘facts‘) a very alternative explanation.
  • International Children’s Digital Library – free access to over 5,000 children’s books from around the world. The collection is searchable and is a great resource for education students and anyone interested in children’s books.

4 thoughts

  1. Loose change is hard to watch on the web – keeps freezing. Can I watch it some other way? Is there a DVD?

  2. I just love the websites … it’s good to know that somene is checking out the useful ones for us,

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