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CSU students and staff regularly provide feedback on Library services and resources via the Tell Us option on the Library web site. From time to time we will post some of the feedback on the blog. Feel free to add your comments either by posting a comment to the blog or via Tell Us.

Here is some recent feedback on the Library’s services to Distance Education students.

As a DE student, I sometimes require books to be sent to me, and while I don’t mind paying the postage fees back, the two week, with two renewals (if it is not on reserve) is too little time for using the book. By the time it takes two to three days to get here, and if you aren’t home, and you have to wait a couple of days to get it from the post office, you are let with barely a week in which to chase whatever it is you need the book for. Could you not make DE loans three or four weeks?? Other than this small glitch, your services to this DE student have been nothing short of exceptional, and fantastic. Many thanks for all your efforts. Alison

Action: The Library team are investigating increasing DE loan periods and renewals for undergraduates to three weeks. A decision will be made in early October.

I am just writing to commend the library on its fantastic Document Delivery service. I had never used the service before and was slightly ambivalent when I requested an article last Thursday night. Being a distance education student (based in Sydney) I assumed I would be waiting a while for the requested document. Today I checked my email and the document had already been scanned and sent to me in PDF form. Amazing! Thanks again for such a great service and keep up the great work! Kristen

I have been very unimpressed with the availability and number of resources I need for my course. Rachel

Action: The Library team are working with Rachel to address her concerns about the Library collection.

Absolutely sensational. I requested a book that was in high demand & I could see that it wasn’t currently availible. I requested it anyway out of sheer desperation. The text was delivered to the far north of the state within days. It had been sourced from the attorney generals department in Canberra. – Very impressed – Magnificent service! David

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9 thoughts

  1. I’m a DE student. It can take a week for books to get to my home. Three week loans would be so wonderful!!!

  2. I think the Library’s DE services are fantastic. The staff are very helpful and always suggest alternatives if I what I want is on loan.

    I also love the blog. Thanks

  3. Generally I am happy with CSU’s DE services. Perhaps the library could have more copies of readings to cut down on waiting time. More web stuff would be good too – no waiting.

  4. I’d also like more online resources – journals, books, articles. EReserve is great.

    Longer loan periods would be fantastic. By the time parcels get to my home I don’t have much time to read them before its time to post them back. A real hassle.


  5. I never use the CSU Library – too slow for me. I always get the books I need from UTS which is near where I work.

  6. Hi Todd,
    Reciprocal borrowing agreements with other University libraries are in place to ease the burden on Distance Education students. If you find our postal service too slow you can always contact the Distance Education section on 1800 808 369 to discuss other options.


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