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Check out the new CSU Library wiki available via the Library home page or here. The wiki can be used by anyone to talk about the Library resources and services, or any other related topics. Anyone can initiate a new discussion. Anyone can comment. It’s easy.

Current topics on the wiki include:

Wireless hotspots – do you know of places in Dubbo, Wagga, Burlington, Orange, etc which have free wireless access? The Edinburgh Hotel in Bathurst has free access. Are there any others?
RSS feeds – what product do you recommend for RSS? Someone has asked on the wiki if anyone is familiar with Bloglines RSS feeder.
DE Services – What do you think of DE Library services? Do you agree with the comments on the wiki?
Word – someone has posted on the wiki asking for help with merging word documents. Can you help?
DVDs – what are your favourite DVDs in the CSU Library collection? Share your recommendations with other students. (My favourites are Downfall, Nowhere in Africa, Three Colours Blue and Bleak House)

Why not start a new topic?

Email Lisa if you want any more info about the wiki.

3 thoughts

  1. Anyone can update the wiki. It is a collaborative online resource that allows anyone to edit and add to the content. It also allows comments, if you are not adding to the content.If you have not used a wiki before there is a comprehensive help guide on the wiki.
    Hopefully it will grow into a valuable online resource for everyone.


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