New Ebscohost Features

Ebsco Publishing has created a new, innovative way to inform searchers about new Ebscohost features, right from the database search interface.
Searchers can now learn about new features, as they are introduced, by clicking on the “New Features” link in the top right hand corner of their search session, as shown above.
The New Features page will include a “What’s New” section, where new features will be available for sampling by selecting the Try It checkbox.
The page will aslo include a “Coming Soon” section for features still under development.
Ebsco have also released a variety of enhanced searching and navigation features, based on extensive customer feedback. Such as an auto complete function, which allows searchers to type partial terms and receive a list of terms from which to select the most appropriate keywords to use.
For more information or to view one of the Ebscohost tutorials please visit the Ebsco Support page.