Fiction on CD – perfect for the holidays

Fiction on CD – perfect for long drives between CSU campuses and lazy holidays. Here is a selection of titles from the CSU Library. Enjoy!

2 thoughts

  1. How do I search for cds only in the library catalog? I find the catalog very confusing sometimes.

  2. Catalogue search for CDs only:

    From the Library Catalogue you can click on the Advanced Search option which is located at the top of the catalogue page. In the first search box type in cd then scroll to the bottom of the page and use the drop down box next to Material Type to select the option you want (if you are interested in audio or talking books select – Spoken Recordings). Click on the Go button and this will bring up a number on the right hand side of the screen eg 158. Simply click on the number and this will bring up a list of audio book cds in the collection.



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