Stay Informed of the Latest Developments in your Research Area

ScienceDirect now offer researchers the TOP25, the most topical articles sourced from over 2,000 scientific, technical and medical journals for a range of research areas. Research areas include agriculture, arts and humanities, business, nursing, veterinary science and more.

CSU students and staff access ScienceDirect here. The link to the TOP25 is located on the front page of ScienceDirect.

“The TOP25 allows you to see which articles have been downloaded the most, either from any of the 24 subject areas and/or from any of the 2,000 plus journals on ScienceDirect.
These reports are generated quarterly, in order to truly reflect usage patterns. The alerts represent the usage behaviour from the prior three months. So the TOP25 lists generated in September represent results of ScienceDirect usage during April, May and June. With nearly 11 million users, and 36 articles downloaded per second on an average working day, this represents a massive volume of data that needs to be processed accurately.

All articles are included in TOP25 results, including Articles in Press. This means that because Articles in Press are available online via ScienceDirect before their publication in print, TOP25 quarterly lists may include articles which have only just been published in the print journals.”
(Science Direct website)

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Contact the CSU Library team via our online help desk – Ask a question if you need advice or assistance re accessing, using or retrieving full text articles within Science Direct.