Changes to ‘reserve’ in 2007

Changes to ‘reserve’ in 2007 The library has moved to a single ‘reserve’ collection in 2007. The new ‘reserve’ collection includes resources in electronic and print formats, and can be accessed from the reserve catalogue at or via the library web site at A single search using your subject code, eg. psy102, will produce a list of all print or electronic material that subject coordinators have made available for your subject.

  • material in electronic format includes copies of recommended readings such as articles, book chapters and links to articles in electronic journals / databases which have been requested by Lecturers to support subjects, and
  • print based materials include high demand items (books, DVD’s Video’s and other audiovisual material) for short term use at each campus Library.

Print items can be collected from the reserve collections on each campus, or if held at another campus, requested as a copy via the Catalogue (conditions apply). Electronic copies can be downloaded and printed as required. For more information see Subject coordinators / lecturers Please note that print copies of articles or chapters of books are being phased out of the reserve collections during Autumn Semester 2007. Copies will be, where possible, only included in electronic format. Educational designers (EDs) and the Learning Materials Centre (LMC) will advise on procedures for making readings available. Copies added to reserve in electronic format will be available to all CSU students 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.