New DVD’s 19 – 25 March

  • His Girl Friday – A successful remake of the earlier hit film, ‘The Front Page’. Russell is the reporter and Grant is the editor.
  • Body Snatchers – An exploration of the revolting but fascinating world of human parasites – the inhabitants of our bodies who are also the most successful predators on the plane.
  • Living with Refugees – Award-winning journalist Sorious Samura travels to Chad to live with a family in a refugee camp for one month.
  • Living with Illegals – Sorious Samura becomes an illegal immigrant. He travels from Morocco into Europe, finally crossing the English Channel to Britain. He lives in the same conditions and experiences the same gruelling hardships as his companions.
  • The Dollar a Day Dress – A symbol of how the world trade system harms the poor, reporter Steve Bradshaw collected fabrics for an outfit.
  • The Australian Eye – In December 2001, Jane Elliott came to Australia to conduct The Australian eye, an Australian version of her unique experiment, Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, in which participants are labelled inferior or superior purely based on the colour of their eyes.
  • Remembering Rain – In the face of the worst drought on record, rural Australians have gambled their dreams on the chance of rain – and cracks are starting to show in more than just the parched earth.
  • Rural Health Education – Grow Strong, Start strong, Keep Safe (complete series) – Some of the enormous health and well-being problems faced by Aboriginal communities are being successfully ameliorated by the communities themselves through participative and community-based initiatives.