New DVD’s 26th March – 1st April

  • Risk Maker, Risk Taker: a manager’s guide to risk. – Real events and actual footage create this absorbing study of risk management.
  • Bush School – Five years ago, school teachers Colin and Sandra Baker decided to do what other baby boomers were doing, opt for a sea-change, though, theirs was more of a desert-change. The town of Warrego, situated on the edge of the Tanami desert, was the Baker’s destination and their plan was to run the Warrego primary school. However, the gold mine closed and almost overnight, Warrego became a ghost town. With no students left, the school would have to close. To keep their school going and to save their jobs, Colin and Sandra had to find a way to encourage the children from a remote, Aboriginal community to come to school.
  • Veiled Ambition – When Frida wins $4000 in a radio competition, she opens a shop on Sydney Road Coburg, hoping to create a fashion Mecca for Islamic women. But business in burkas is slow, and with creditors knocking at her door, Frida ditches the slow selling hijabs to make room for a glamorous range of Hollywood styled gowns. With passion, humour and relentless stamina this “little Aussie battler in a scarf” negotiates the dramas that ensue when couture and cultures collide.
  • Mississippi: tales of the last river rat – Kenney Salwey, the ‘last river rat,’ weaves his adventures and stories of the Mississippi river through this film, which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at movie making. A funny, heartwarming, and inspirational film.