Have you checked out the free eBook trial?

CSU Library is currently trialling 500 electronic Book titles through the Library’s Science Direct subscription. The titles cover many disciplines including science, maths, health, nutrition, vet science, psychiatry, the environment and agriculture. Information about the trial is available on the Library’s Trials site. A complete list of all the titles is also available on the Trials site. Titles include:
  • Medical and Veterinary Entomology by G Mullen
  • Grazing Management by J Vallentine
  • Exploring Animal Behavior in Laboratory and Field by B Ploger
  • Emerging Technologies for Food Processing
  • Population Limitation in Birds by I Newton
  • Cell Physiology Source Book by N Sperelakis
  • Gene Therapy of Cancer by E Lattime
  • Nutritional Oncology by D Heber
  • Progress in Biological Chirality by G Palyi
  • The Evolution of the Genome by T Gregory
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry by R Bruckner
  • Nonlinearity and Chaos in Molecular Vibrations by G Wu
  • An End to Global Warming by L Williams
  • Exploring Sustainable Consumption by J Murphy
  • AIDS and Other Manifestations of HIV Infection by G Wormser
  • Viral Ecology by C Hurst
  • Principles of Mathematical Modeling by c Dym
  • Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry by W Tseng
  • Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease by A Coulston
  • Genetics of Movement Disorders by S Pulst
  • The Cat Primary Visual Cortex by B Payne
  • Neurobiology of Learning and Memory by J Martinez
  • Controlled Release Veterinary Drug Delivery by M Rathbone
  • Forest Canopies by M Lowman
Please provide your feedback on these eBooks by completing the Feedback form located on the Trials site.
Did you know that you can limit your search in Science Direct to the journals and eBooks included in CSU’s subscription?
  1. Choose Science Direct from the Library’s database menu.
  2. Choose the Search tab from the Science Direct menu bar (located at the top of the screen)
  3. Below the search boxes are two tabs – journals and all books. Tick either to limit your search to books or journals, or tick both to search both journals and books.
  4. Below these two options is a box titled source. Choose subscribed sources from the drop down menu. This will limit your search to titles held by CSU.
Note: Any eBook titles purchased by CSU Library are usually catalogued to enable direct access from the Library OPAC.