New DVDs 28th May – 3rd June

  • Speaking for Ourselves: portraits of gay and lesbian youths – This half-hour documentary profiles the lives of five gay and lesbian youths who represent a wide cross-section of cultures and backgrounds.
  • Multiple Intelligences: discovering the giftedness in all – Dr. Thomas Armstrong, one of the most nationally acclaimed lectures in the area of Multiple Intelligences (MI), presents an array of teaching strategies to discover giftedness in all children.
  • Asperger Syndrome: living outside the bell curve – This video provides an overview of Aspergers Syndrome, and focuses on a 12 year old to further illustrate points.
  • Footy Legends – Footy Legends tells the story of Luc Vu, a young man obsessed with football. Luc is out of work and when welfare authorities threaten to take his little sister away, he reunites his old high school football team in the hope of winning a competition that could change their lives.
  • An Uncomfortable Truth – Six years since Australian Story first aired her story, Jan Ruff-O’Herne feels she is one step closer to finally achieving her ultimate goal.