Impress your friends and colleagues with these new words!

Every three months the Oxford English Dictionary is updated to include new words and phrases. The latest update provides an fascinating insight into our changing times. It includes the following:

chill pill, print-on-demand, comparison shopping, brag book, club-hopper,prissy, problem-solve, probeable, proceduralism, adland, pro-celeb, Islamophobe, digibox, projectile vomit, high-maintenance, project manage, prosumer, print job, bangarang, prize package, aggressive begging, problematicalness, carbon footprint, product placement, finger buffet, sleeper cell, show pony, best practice, process-oriented, scratch and sniff, to-do and shreddies.

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All CSU students and staff have access to the complete OED via the Library’s Online Reference page. Choose OED from the alphabetical list on this page.

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