Medical Milestones of the Past 167 Years

The 15 Greatest Medical Milestones in Health and Medicine are currently being presented by the University of Sydney in association with the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and with the support of the Medical Foundation as a series of lectures.
Readers of the BMJ were asked to nominate which of the medical breakthroughs of the past 167 years they considered the most important. “If we could have only one of them, which would it be? Would it be the identification of penicillin; the mass production of aspirin; the discovery of a link between smoking and lung cancer; or the world’s first heart transplant?”
A series of public lectures based around these medical milestones is currently being presented by the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney.
Each lecture has an audio file, video file, powerpoint slides and rich media file including slides with audio.
Lectures to date are: