Safari Books online – Information Technology

CSU Library has subscribed to 90+ titles in the Safari Online Books collection. Safari is a key resource for IT students, graphic designers, programmers and IT professionals. The Safari titles focus on IT topics and applications such as Adobe, C++, AppleScript, CSS, Wireless, Flash, Vista, digital photography, information architecture, PHP and SQL.

Access to Safari is available via the Library’s Electronic Books page.

Click on Library on the top menu bar to view CSU subscribed titles. Limit your search to CSU titles by choosing the option my bookshelf under the search box.

Safari contains hundreds of titles. Please let the Library team know if there is a Safari title that you think CSU should subscribe to by filling in the Suggest new materials form. The form is located at the bottom of the Ask Us page. We’d appreciate your recommendations.

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  1. You must have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to work out how to get to these Safari titles. I can’t seem to find an easy route to them.

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