ELSEVIER journals – what titles does CSU have?

Are you interested in viewing all of the Elsvier journal titles held by CSU Library?

Elsevier journals are made available via ScienceDirect on the library database page. These are quality journals, usually in high demand for research. Each journal has been selected through a request from an academic, not an Elsevier package where we take all that is available.

Elsevier journals can be expensive and if they are not being used, no longer required, or the subject is no longer taught, the funds used for these titles could be re-directed.
Only the journals listed on the blog are under scrutiny, but if you require the list of all CSU Elsevier titles:

  • Go to ScienceDirect
  • Select Browse in the green menu bar
  • On this page, tick include Full Text available, and tick include Journal and Book series
  • Click Apply

Now you have your list.

For your favourite title: you can tick the right hand box for issue alerts and always be up-to -date on your reading.

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  1. Thank you. This list is most helpful. There are Elsevier titles that are important for my subjects that are not on the list of titles owned by CSU. How do I request these titles?

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