Library Tips for Residential Schools

Top up your credit

To print or use the internet, you will need to have credit in your printing and internet accounts.
There are a variety of options to pay your charges, such as:

  • paying directly at the cashier on campus
  • using a credit card to pay via the web
  • faxing your credit card and payment details to the cashier

You can find more information from the DIT page, or find out how to make on line payments from the myCSU Personal Information link.Printing in the Library

All of the Library’s student access computers are connected to a networked [black & white] A4 printer in each library. To print, students must have credit in their CSU printing account.
Printing costs: Black and White; $0.11 per page (including GST).
Colour printers are available in the Student Computer Laboratories
Students wanting to print documents in the Library should send print jobs to the networked library printer, and then proceed to the Pharos workstation [attached to the printer] to print the documents. Details on how to use Pharos are available in the library near the printers.

Library Opening Hours

Check here for the Residential School and Vacation opening hours.

Computer Labs and Bathurst Learning Commons

To access to the 24 hour Computer Labs and Learning Commons outside of business hours, you will need an authorised student card. Your student card can be authorised at the enquiry counters in the Computer Centre or the Bathurst Library during business hours.