Manic Times

Check out Manic Times – ‘eyewitness news of the YouTube generation’ now available online and in print from your local newsagent. Manic Times is the creation of Charles Firth from The Chaser and a team of young ‘gonzo’ journalists. Manic Times uses humour and irony to investigate current events and issues such as the recent APEC summit, climate change, finance and sport, and provides different perspectives to those of the mainstream press. Worth a look!

The latest online issue includes exclusive footage of Chaser APEC motorcade stunt and the arrest of Chas Licciardello and Julian Morrow. The online site is available here.

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  1. Thanks. its ridiculous that the Chaser boys were arrested for this stunt. they should get an award or something for exposing the holes in the APEC security.

    Does the Library own the Chaser DVDs?

  2. The Library has “The chaser’s war on everything” Season 1, Episodes 1-13 on DVD. To find it, search for ‘chaser’ in the catalogue.

    Don’t forget that you can also suggest titles for the Library to buy – Go here and fill in the details of anything you think we should buy:

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