Informit TVNews Database Trial

Informit TVNews is a new database that indexes Australian television news, current affairs and selected documentaries from the free-to-air networks with links to the digitised video content in a compressed format. All individual stories from a particular broadcast are indexed with a detailed synopsis, and TVNews is updated daily, with stories appearing on an evening news broadcast generally being available for access the next morning.

The video for each story or documentary is available in WMV format as a progressive download, allowing viewing to begin before the total video file is transferred. Items range from under 30 seconds for short stories, to over an hour for selected documentaries.

You can access Informit TVNews by clicking here or through the Databases page from the Library’s homepage:

This trial is only available until the end of 2007, and your input is vital in the decision about whether the Library subscribes to this database.
Let us know what you think of Informit TVNews here:

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  1. This is fantastic. I’ve just done a search for Kevin Rudd (the next Prime Minister, fingers crossed) and found some great interviews. the Library rocks!

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