Most Popular Journals

SFX linking is just one way of accessing a journal, and during this semester, SFX links were used 124,617 times.

The most looked at journals this semester were:
  • Journal of Advanced Nursing
  • The New England Journal of Medicine
  • Rural and Remote Health
  • Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
  • Sex Roles
  • Dissertation Abstracts International B
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • The Australian Journal of Rural Health
  • British Journal of Nursing
  • Social Science and Medicine
  • Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
  • Nature
  • Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
  • Wildlife Research
  • Journal of Consumer Behaviour
  • The Journal of Marketing

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  1. SFX is a tool the Library uses to help you find Full Text journal articles. Check out our recent “What is this thing called SFX?” podcast to find out more.

    We’re always happy to get your questions and comments, so keep it up!

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