The State of the Regions

The State of the Regions (SOR) report – commissed by ALGA from National Economics – provides an annual stock-take of the economic well being of Australia’s regions and their prospects for economic development and employment growth. SOR looks at strategies to strengthen local and regional economic and employment outcomes, and emphasises the importance of local government and regional agencies. A distinctive feature is that SOR divides all Australia into regions: both metropolitan and non-metropolitan regions. The regions are divided into six types: core metropolitan (central cities), dispersed metropolitan (suburban metropolitan regions); production (high concentrations of manufacturing); lifestyle (change is driven by lifestyle choices, predominantly post-retirees and tourism); rural (agricultural based) and resource and remote regions (natural resource based).

The core objectives of the SOR are to:

Present the latest statistical indicators of how Australian regions are performing
Analyse the indicator trends in terms of growing equality and inequality between Australian regions
Make suggestions for the policy implications of current Australian regional performance
Steadily expand the indicators used to measure regional performance
Describe the reality of regional economics
Assist local government to understand their regions and to provide useful planning tools

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