Summer Reading List

The summer break is nearly upon us – and haven’t we all deserved it?! In preparation of the upcoming break, we are compiling a list of suggestions for summer reading and we need your help!

We would like to know:

  • one of your favourite books of all time, and/or
  • a great book you have read in 2007

In early January, we will devote a blog post to great suggestions for great books to read over the summer break.

Just a few notes….

  • The book doesn’t need to be available through the CSU Library
  • We won’t include your name on the blog (unless you specifically want us to)
  • For the great book you read in 2007 – the book doesn’t need to have been released this year, just something you read this year

Email your suggestions to or leave your suggestions as a comment to this post by clicking on the ‘Comments’ link under this post, by Friday 21st December.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

5 thoughts

  1. Here’s a couple that I really enjoyed.

    Cormac McCarthy’s The Road – very sombre, challenging, but absolutely gripping

    Adrian Hyland’s Diamond Dove, really entertaining murder mystery set in the Northern Territory with a humorous but compassionate take on outback Territory life.

  2. In a futile protest against the ridiculous length all books seem to be now, I delved back in time to when writing was tight and well edited. My favourites were:

    The old man of the sea by Ernest Hemmingway

    Sombrero fallout : A Japanese novel by Richard Brautigan

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