The Senses : a Comprehensive Reference

The Library is trialling a great new online reference title that will be of interest to health, psychology, wine & food science staff and students – “The Senses : a Comprehensive Reference”. “The Senses” is on trial until February 16th 2008 and can be accessed through ScienceDirect, via the Library databases page. Once you are in ScienceDirect, look for “Senses: a Comprehensive Guide” located under ‘S’ in the “Browse by title” section. The ScienceDirect website says “Under the guidance of a distinguished team of international experts, 6 volumes collected 300 articles from all the top scientists laying out our current knowledge on the anatomy, physiology, and molecular biology of sensory organs. Topics covered include the perception, psychophysics, and higher order processing of sensory information, as well as disorders and new diagnostic and treatment methods.” We would be grateful for feedback on this resource, please send your comments to