BBC Languages

Fancy learning a new language? Or need to brush up on your language skills? BBC Languages have produced a series of ‘go-at-your-own-pace’ online courses . You can learn French, Italian, Spanish, or German, on the BBC Languages website in 24 manageable steps, or via email over 12 weeks.

French Steps – The language you’ll learn will help you to find your way, order meals, introduce yourself, and to understand predictable things that people will say to you.
Italian steps – Covers the topics: flying visit, meeting people, food and drink, places, making plans, and shops and services.
Spanish steps – Covers the topics: finding your feet (around Madrid), night out, shopping, at home, moving on, work and play.
German steps – Topics covered include: meeting people, getting around Berlin, food and drink, taking a holiday, making arrangements, shops and services.

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  1. cool. I’m going to Italy for two months in the middle of this year so I’ve started the Italian course. Its great.

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