Compensating Canada’s Stolen Generations

“After a lifetime of beatings, going hungry, standing in a corridor on one leg, and walking in the snow with no shoes for speaking Inuvialuktun, and having a heavy, stinging paste rubbed on my face, which they did to stop us from expressing our Eskimo custom of raising our eyebrows for ‘yes’ and wrinkling our noses for ‘no’, I soon lost the ability to speak my mother tongue. When a language dies, the world it was generated from is broken down too.” This passage is from “Compensating Canada’s Stolen Generations,” an article by Linda Popic, featured in the Indigenous Law Bulletin. It looks at Canada’s Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement and plans for compensation, in the context of Australia’s apology to the Australian Stolen Generation. The Indigenous Law Bulletin is produced by the Indigenous Law Centre – you can access the full article and a variety of Indigenous resources from the Indigenous Law Centre website. * The image in this post is from the Indigenous Law Centre website.