Free Online Word Processors

Word processing software is one of the most common applications found in offices and homes around the world. The top two word processors, Microsoft Word and Corel’s Word Perfect, are very capable, but are also expensive and require a lot of disk space on your computer.

As an alternative to paying for a word processor, did you know that there are several free online web-based word processors that you can use to create, edit, publish and share files online.

  • Google Docs offers you a great online word processor, as well as providing you with online spreadsheet and presentation programs as well. This suite of products is similar to the Microsoft Office suite, and it is completely compatible with Microsoft Office products and files.
  • Buzzword is another free online word processor that you can use. It was created by Adobe and functions much like Google Docs, although the interface is a little cooler. You can save files created in Buzzword in DOC and RTF file formats. In order to use this WP you will need to have Flash Player 9 and sign up for a free Buzzword user account.
  • If you’re looking for an online word processor that has nearly all the features that Word has, and that is also Internet friendly, then iNetWord could be what you are looking for. This free web-based word processor will allow you to format and compose documents similar to how you would in Word. Some differences between iNetWord and Microsoft Word: Word will allow you to customize your character styles, it has a grammar check and it has point level fonts whereas iNetWord doesn’t. iNetWord allows you to share folders and publish to the web with a single click of the mouse whereas Word can’t.
  • ThinkFree is another free online based word processor. It, like other online word processing suites, offers a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation platform. As a bonus, this word porcessor offers you up to 1 GB of storage space for your documents and files.