Borrowing from other university libraries.

The CSU Library participates in the University Library Australia (ULA) National Borrowing Scheme.

This allows current CSU staff and students to register with participating Australian university libraries.

You need to apply directly to the library you wish to borrow from. There is no need to contact the CSU library, but you will be required to present a current CSU ID card and proof of current enrolment or, for staff, employment (e.g. recent CSU pay slip).

It is important that you comply with the terms and conditions of borrowing at the host library and it is advisable to check these conditions before you register. Some libraries charge a joining fee of $50.00. Registration expires on 28 February of the following year, regardless of when you join, so you will need to re-register each year.

See the ULA brochure for more information.

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  1. I am a CSU student living in the US . Is it possible for me to borrow from one of the University Libraries near to where I live?



  2. Hi Sandra,

    While we don’t have any agreements with overseas libraries, most public and academic libraries have policies that allow community borrowers to borrow their physical resources for a fee, or use items within the library for free.

    If you live near a library, you will probably find that they have information for visitors or community somewhere on their website, or you can drop in and ask at the front desk.

    Best regards,
    Division of Library Services

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