2008 Astrid Lindgren Mermorial Award

Australian novelist Sonya Hartnett has been awarded the 2008 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the world’s biggest prize for children’s and youth literature. CSU Library has 17 of Hartnett’s books in our Catalogue, including:

  • Thursday’s child The grim struggle to survive the Great Depression in rural Australia is told through the eyes of Harper Flute, as she remembers six years in the life of her elusive and odd younger brother, Tin. Check availability
  • Forest : a journey from the wild Kian and his two younger siblings Cally and Jem, after abandonment in the Australian bush, embark on an odyssey to return to the home they knew. Check availability
  • Surrender As life slips away, Gabriel looks back over his brief twenty years that have been clouded by frustration and humiliation. Check availability
  • The devil Latch Christopher “Kitten” Latch is a deeply disturbed late adolescent who believes himself to be posessed by the devil. Check availability

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