A Study of Peer Review

Peer review in scholarly journals: Perspective of the scholarly community – an international study, by Mark Ware & Mike Monkman, Mark Ware Consulting. This work was commissioned and funded by the Publishing Research Consortium http://www.publishingresearch.net/) .

“This global survey reports on the attitudes and behaviour of 3040 academics in relation to peer review in journals….The survey reported here does not attempt directly to address the question of whether or not peer review works, but instead looks in detail at the experiences and perceptions of a large group of mostly senior authors, reviewers and editors (there is of course considerable overlap between these groups). Respondents were spread by region and by field of research broadly in line with the universe of authors publishing in the journals in the Thomson Scientific database, which covers the leading peer reviewed journals.

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One thought

  1. A report commissioned by the publishing industry, who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo of academic publishing.

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