What will our future hold? Australia 2020 Summit

This weekend (19 & 20 April) marks the sitting of the Australia 2020 Summit – a coming together of 1000 leading Australians to debate and develop long-term options for the nation, and shape a long term strategy for the nation’s future. Some of the best and brightest brains from across the country will tackle the long term challenges confronting Australia’s future across 10 critical areas:

  • Productivity Agenda – education, skills, training, science and innovation
  • Australian Economy – the future of the Australian economy
  • Sustainability and Climate Change – population, sustainability, climate change and water
  • Rural Australia – future directions for rural industries and rural communities
  • Health – a long-term national health strategy – including the challenges of preventative health, workforce planning and the ageing population
  • Communities and Families – strengthening communities, supporting families and social inclusion
  • Indigenous Australia – options for the future of Indigenous Australia
  • Creative Australia – towards a creative Australia: the future of the arts, film and design
  • Australian Governance – the future of Australian governance: renewed democracy, a more open government (including the role of the media), the structure of the Federation and the rights and responsibilities of citizens
  • Australia’s Future in the World – Australia’s future security and prosperity in a rapidly changing region and world

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