Unlocking IP to stimulate Australian innovation: An issues paper

“Public rights’ in intellectual goods (the broad usage of ‘the public domain’), are increasingly important as a driver of innovation in information economies. This submission examines ten areas where changes to strengthen or protect Australia’s copyright public domain may be desirable to encourage innovation. They are intended to be areas where change is possible within the constraints of our Constitution and international obligations, rather than impractical areas such as changes to the copyright term.” [Text from Australian Policy Online]

Unlocking IP to stimulate Australian innovation: An issues paper is a report available from the Cyberspace Law & Policy Centre, covering:

  • The scope for further exceptions to copyright
  • Legal deposit’s role in the public domain
  • Finding missing rights-holder (orphan works)
  • Enabling open content licensing to thrive
  • Maximising the value of free and open source software (FOSS)
  • Moving toward open standards
  • Coexistence of open content and compulsory licences
  • Re-usable government works
  • Public rights in publicly-funded research
  • Indigenous culture’s relationship to the public domain

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