New DVDs 26 May to 1 June 2008

Each week CSU adds hundreds of new resources to the catalogue, including books, DVDs, CDs, and electronic resources. The following selection highlights some of the new DVDs added to the collection last week. Click on a DVD’s title to read a review of the DVD, or click on ‘Check Availability’ to find the DVD in the Library Catalogue. Click here to view the complete list of new titles.

  • The history boys In the mid 1980s in a grey and grim northern grammar school, a select number of very bright boys are desperately trying to pass the Oxbridge entrance exams. The story illustrates the bravado, humour and vulnerability of teenagers as they navigate their way to adulthood. Check Availability
  • The golden compass In a wondrous parallel world where witches soar the skies and Ice Bears rule the frozen North, one special girl is destined to hold the fate of the universe in her hands. When Lyra Belacqua becomes the keeper of the Golden Compass, she discovers that her world and all those beyond are threatened by the secret plans of Ms. Coulter. Check Availability
  • I’m not there Six characters recreate different stages in Bob Dylan’s career, from Greenwich Village folk singer to electric guitar trailblazer to born-again preacher. Check Availability
  • The wind in the willows Set amid glorious English countryside, this is the timeless story of the adventures of four animal friends – Starring Matt Lucas, Mark Gatiss, Lee Ingleby, Bob Hoskins. Check Availability
  • Callan (Third series) Callan, one of the most successful series in British television history, stars Edward Woodward as troubled SIS assassin, David Callan, a world-weary spy with a conscience. In the late late sixties when the series was created, Callan provided a brutal antidote to the jet-setting secret agent popularised by the James Bond films. Check Availability
  • East west 101 Television drama series from Australia. Set around the Major Crime Squad in metropolitan Sydney where detectives Zane Malik, a Muslim Australian, and Ray Crowley, an Anglo-Australian, are pitted against each other in a struggle for respect. Check Availability
  • Festen (The celebration) At a celebration of a father’s 60th birthday one of his sons turns up without being invited and one of his daughters does not: she is dead. A film about love, hate, the icy charm of the bourgeosie and the loving arms of the chambermaid. Check Availability
  • Away from her Together for fifty years, the union between Grant (Gordon Pinsent) and Fiona (Julie Christie) appears unwavering, and their everyday life is full of tenderness and humour. This facade of serenity is broken only by the occasional reference to more troubled times in their past – lapses that are a result of Fiona’s incresing struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Based on the short story ’The Bear Came Over The Mountain’ by Alice Munro Check Availability
  • As it is in heaven A successful international conductor suddenly interrupts his career and returns home to Sweden’s far north to address his childhood grievances. But his remedial solce is shattered when the local church choir seeks him out for advice. Check Availability