Short and Sweet: Technology Shrinks the Lecture

Short and Sweet: Technology Shrinks the Lecture is and article, featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education, that looks at the ways technology is transforming the way information is delivered and received:
“Just because 50-minute classroom sessions are the norm on a college schedule does not make that the ideal duration for students outside the lecture hall.
“Best practices are suggesting that shorter, modular clips … are more successful than 50-minute sections,” says John G. Flores, chief executive of the United States Distance Learning Association. “The days of having someone lecture for 50 minutes via video pretty much are — or are least should be — a thing of the past,” he says.
And professors who have experimented with the short form online have learned something else: Shorter may work better in the classroom, too.”
You can read this article on The Chronicle of Higher Education website.
The Library’s Watch-it! Tutorials are an example of using technology to create short, informative clips to deliver educational material. You can Watch-it! on the Library Website.