The Miles Franklin Literary Award 2008 Winner

Steven Carroll is the 2008 winner of the prestigious Miles Franklin Literary Award for his novel The Time We Have Taken.
Commenting on the winner’s novel, the Judging Panel wrote: “Carroll’s novel is a poised, philosophically profound exploration of the question, a stand-alone work that is moving and indelible in its evocation of the extraordinary in ordinary lives.”
The time we have taken by Steven Carroll “One summer morning in 1970, Peter van Rijn, proprietor of the television and wireless shop, pronounces his Melbourne suburb one hundred years old. That same morning, Rita is awakened by a dream of her husband”s snores, yet it is years since Vic moved north. Their son, Michael, has left for the city, and is entering the awkward terrain of first love. As the suburb prepares to celebrate progress, Michael”s friend Mulligan is commissioned to paint a mural of the area”s history. But what vision of the past will his painting reveal?”

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