Wiley – Blackwell journals

At the moment the work on the Wiley-Synergy transition is still taking place. From our Library catalogue you may find you are linking to a Wiley homepage that has a login box in the top right corner. To access the journal or article you are looking for:

1. Ignore the login box
2. Click the button to activate Publication titles box on left hand side of the screen.
3. Paste the name of the journal you are looking for into the box
4. Click GO

Wiley is active and you can get to the articles, but the catalogue links are going either to the journal title or the homepage. This may also include articles in Reserve, or linked from your Interact pages.

INFORMATION FROM WILEY: We have redirected most links to their nearest equivalent on Wiley InterScience. However, we are still working on the OpenURL links which currently redirect to the Wiley InterScience homepage rather than the journal page, as they should. These links will be back in place in a few days.