Garnaut Climate Change Review

“The Garnaut Review released its Draft Report on 4 July 2008.
“The Draft Report describes the methodology that the Review is applying to evaluation of the costs and benefits of climate change mitigation; to the application of the science of climate change to Australia; to the international context of Australian mitigation, and to Australian mitigation policy.

“The Draft Report is a stage in the journey toward the Final Report at the end of September 2008.

“It follows the Interim Report and the Emissions Trading Scheme Discussion Paper released in February 2008 and March 2008 respectively.

“The Draft Report generally does not make recommendations, although the tendency of policy analysis is clear. It is closest to recommendations on the design features of the emissions trading scheme, which require business and community discussion of the issues before the completion of the Final Report.” [Text from the Garnaut Climate Change Review website] You can download individual sections of the Garnaut Climate Change Review Draft Report or the full report from the Garnaut Climate Change Review website.