Church of England General Synod

This week has seen the meeting of The Church of England’s General Synod. There is a wealth of information about this event available online:

  • Find out all about the General Synod
  • Read the Agenda and Papers July 2008
  • Check out the Media Centre – features daily wrap up of the day’s events

The Synod has drawn media attention regarding a vote on whether to allow the ordination of female bishops, plus the issue of homosexuality in the Church was brought to the forefront with protests disrupting the proceedings – these articles look at these controversial issues.

One thought

  1. Thanks for posting this. I can see lots of Anglican clergy leaving the church and joining ranks with the Catholic church over the issues of gay ordination and female bishops.

    My parish is keeping a very careful watch on events in the UK. Even within my congregation opinion is sharply divided on these issues, particularly gay priests. I predict dark times ahead for my church.

    Peter M

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