The Lambeth Conference

Anglican bishops are currently converging for the 14th Lambeth Conference but is there a schism developing behind the scenes for the Church of England?The Lambeth Conference 2008 begins today in Canterbury at the University of Kent near the “mother church”, the Canterbury Cathedral. Since it first took place in 1867, the world’s bishops have met every decade for worship, study and conversation. It has also been one of the ways in which the sometimes diverse churches within the Anglican faith are united.This year, around 800 Anglican bishops and their spouses are expected to attend the event. However, just as interesting as the attendees, is the number of absentees. A clash between conservatism and liberalism threatens the unity of the Church, and there is talk of irreconcilable differences.Explore some of the controversy surrounding the Lambeth Conference:

There is also a wealth of information available on the official conference website: